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If you are a property owner in Santa Cruz County, you could be living on Quicksand and not know it!


This is a very 'special' Quicksand — Financial Quicksand. You could be one of 7,500 property owners in Santa Cruz County whose property is known to be located on so-called 'Zayante Sand Hills' soil. If you do, Santa Cruz County now demands that you MUST purchase 'mitigation credits' from the Zayante Sandhills Conservation Bank, owned and operated by two developers and a group of investors who answer to NO ONE and because of that, can capriciously demand ANY dollar amount they see fit, from you. It does not matter that this is your personal private property!

We're here to stop them... Join us!


If the property you own is determined to be Zayante Sandhills soil, it is 'protected', which means that any property improvement — just planting a few trees or a garden, building a deck or a pathway to your front door, is going to cost you - big time! 

If you would like to know if you could be a potential victim of Zayante Quicksand, or you have already BEEN victimized, or want to learn more about the SandBank rip-off, join us in demanding that the County stop this abusive, costly scheme. If you have any questions, please fill out the form below.


You may also contact us via the direct email link. Beware The Zayante Quicksand!

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